Christmas Eve Traditions and Ideas

Christmas Eve is approaching and your child is already over excited that Santa is coming to town and is definitely not going to be going to sleep early! Why not plan some fun, inexpensive activities which will create new traditions and treasured memories for your family - and will also wear them out and ensure they fall asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow, so you have a happy, well rested child on Christmas morning! The traditions you create with your child will be passed on to your grandchildren and enjoyed for many years to come.

  1. Sing Christmas Carols together. Enjoy your local Carols by Candelight in person with a picnic, or watch the annual Carols by Candelight on television together - or simply play some Carols which you can all sing along to.
  2. Visit your most spectacular local Christmas lights display streets - your children will be enchanted and be caught up in the Christmas spirit.
  3. Hang the stockings. Save this until Christmas Eve and hang near the tree, you don't need a fireplace, just an anchor of some sort. Your children will love hanging their own stocking, knowing Santa will soon be on his way.
  4. Watch a Christmas movie together. Plan a Christmas Movie night, complete with festive snacks. You can plan dinner and bathtime early to ensure your little ones are not up too much past bedtime.
  5. Read a Christmas story before bed. My alltime favourite is 'The Night Before Christmas' and you can be assured this will be contined for generations.
  6. Have a picnic under your Christmas tree. Your children will be delighted to be eating on a rug on the floor and talking about Santa getting ready for his flight around the world.
  7. Look at the stars. If it is a clear night, and you are Christian, see if you can see the brightest star and talk about how it led the Wise Men and Shepherds to the stable.
  8. Leave out a snack for Santa and the Reindeers! Santa loves cake or cookies and milk, (or beer if Dad is helping!) and the Reindeers love carrots! Your child will be so excited to see crumbs and a carrot stump on Christmas morning, knowing Santa and the Reindeers have visited their house!
  9. You can actually track Santa online! Look for an official Santa tracker online (if you like this kind of Christmas technology - we prefer the traditional kind!
  10. Leave your child's letter to Santa out with his snack, they will be delighted to receive one in return the next morning!